Man Eats Fly

Yanchep  –  An innocent fly paid a high price for not looking where he was going on Sunday when he accidentally flew into a man’s mouth and was eaten.

Witnesses at the Yanchep National Park say they had seen a fly wandering around aimlessly earlier in the day, but could not confirm if it was the same fly that was swallowed.

The man, who has asked not to be named for legal reasons told The Incidentally “I didn’t even see him coming. At first I hoped it was just pollen, but as soon as I felt him wriggling down my throat, I knew something horrible had happened. By the time I tried to snot-rocket him out, it was too late. I had already eaten him.”

Authorities have called for anyone who may have known the fly to get in touch with them, as it may be their only chance at identifying the victim for at least a couple of days.

A spokesperson from the RSPCA has called on the Federal Government for legislation that would force people to “barracade their mouths when they are open and in public.” The Government has responded by saying “Actually, that could be helpful for more than one of our problems”.

No charges have been laid against the man, who maintains he swallowed in self-defense.


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