Whale Message Entirely Lost on Mankind

Sydney  –  Marine biologists in New South Wales have revealed that humans have largely failed to recognise a series of messages and life lessons being conveyed to us by humpback whales.

Whales, long known for curious behaviours including tail flipping, water spouting, and gracefully fleeing from whaling boats have apparently been trying to communicate to humans to help them to better understand the earth.

One marine biologist, Dr. Graham has claimed to have decoded the messages of the whales, and says all people need to hear their words and obey.  Dr. Graham released a book in late September called “Foundations of whale lord language”.

According to Dr. Graham, the whales traditionally migrate between oceans filling the ocean with their melancholic song that speaks of a great upheaval in the earth and water, of foul winds plaguing the earth and making sure the sun rises in the right place.

However, the book also explores some of  the more recent issues encountered by whales.  Whales are increasingly complaining about acidic plankton that tastes too lemony, a lack of action by governments to control shark populations and falling share prices.  Dr. Graham says that some whales, exasperated with their increasingly difficult living situations have resorted to beaching themselves and exploding on coastal villages.

Tourist boats have offered additional services for interpreting the behaviour of the beautiful ocean mammals, and Dr. Graham also offers a class to teach people to recognise the beauty of the whale message.

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