Certifi-Gate scandal has catchy name

A recent spike in drone strikes has been linked to the Certifi-Gate scandal plaguing Android users. Drone strikes are on a steady rise, from 60 flights a day to 90 flights. US government has vehemently denied that the drones are being controlled by terrorists, stating in their media release:

“The US Government believes that the clear record of our drones causing high collateral damage to schools, hospitals and innocent Middle Eastern and African bystanders is indisputable proof that they are not being controlled by terrorists.”

“Certifi-Gate” is an exploit apparently created by the CIA to control Android powered devices in Iranian nuclear factories, causing long term damage to their nuclear program by slowing maintenance computers using apparently innocuous ads bugging their engineers to play Candy Crush.

The exploit works by taking over remote support software and granting full access to Android user’s devices. There have been claims that the exploit is being used to:

Meanwhile, Sony has begun to market its own drones to businesses, powered by Windows 10, which it says are immune to the Certifi-Gate hack. Once Sony figures out what to do with the drones, they claim they may be able to make themselves relevant again.

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