Prime Minister of Australia writes an open letter on refugees

Following an open letter by Bryndis Bjorgvinsdottir, calling on the Icelandic government to do more for Syrian refugees, the Prime Minister of Australia, Tony Abbott, has prepared an open letter to Australians, calling on them to speak out against the refugee crisis that his nation is facing.  The emotionally charged and powerful letter to the nation has been circulated by Fairfax Media and ABC News, a move criticized by Immigration Minister Peter Dutton as “jihadist“.

“Dear Anglo-Australians,”

“Nope, nope, nope. There comes a time and a place in a nation’s progress when strong, unified leadership has to put its foot down. Today is that day. Australia is closed to all nations (except China). Despite our nation’s larrikin twitter handles, we are not accepting any people through the back door.  Our only back door dealings should be to send these people back where they came from, by hook or crook.”

“Let us say and do nothing to encourage these people to escape their situations and life choices by fleeing to Australia.  In fact, we should be spending our finances and military forces to use creative means to encourage them to stay where they are.  It has been our goal in international politics to be of hindrance in as many areas as possible – and this one of the areas – where the need for xenophobic thinking is ‘most right now’.”

“Refugees are human drains who do nothing for our economy and homogeneity. Refugees are our past spouses, passive-aggressive frie-nemies, or gay partners, the drug dealers for our children, our next backstabbing colleague, Miss Refugee Australia in 2022, the carpenter who put asbestos in our roofs, the cook who gave us salmonella for high tea, the fireman who started a bushfire, the hacker who leaked our nations secrets, or our next great radio host.”

“Don’t let people with reason, compassion or sense sway you.  Refugees die. Shit happens. Jesus didn’t say yes to everyone. Jesus knew that there was a place for everything, and it is not necessarily everyone’s place to come to Australia Let’s not take the easy way out. Let us build a wall. Let’s keep Australia pure.”

More than 50 people, mostly subscribers to Stormfront Downunder, have responded and liked Mr. Abbott’s new Facebook group “Australia is redirecting calls“.

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