Aussie Shock-Doc commits suicide on live TV

Celebrity Shock-Doc and renowned “song and dance man”, Ric Gordon, has sent his public career into a state of quantum uncertainty, by reminding viewers of Today that the cheapest and most efficient way to cure obesity, is still to simply lock people up in concentration camps and slowly, starve them to death.

This has officially elevated Dr. Gordon’s commentary status to, Australia’s biggest dick in diet, to date.

To be precise, Ric Gordon said “now, something controversial: there were no over-weight people in the concentration camps. Now, they weren’t exercising a lot; they just weren’t eating. Now, I’m not going any further with that.”

Incidentally, these comments of … questionable taste, came on the exact 5 year, 11 month, and 10 day anniversary, of the day Kyle – the cunt – Sandilands said, on 2DayFM that if “you put her in a concentration camp, and you watch the weight fall. Like, she could be skinny”. Which is 2,170 days; which is which is 52,020 hours; which is 3,124,800 minutes; which is still less than a third of the number of people that actually died in the nazi concentration camps.

We sincerely hope that this number (11 million) is, at least, in some way reflective of the number of times that Ric Gordon went home and beat his head against the wall for opening his analogy with “something controversial”.

Apparently perturbed by the total lack of any coherent reply to his concentration camp claims, Gordon, to his infinite credit, went on to explain: “all you would need to do, is confine everybody that is in any way undesirable, into one concentrated area, and don’t give them any food…”

“No need for exercise…”

“Starvation. That’s what am saying…”

“Concentration camps…”

“Seig Heil?”

“Is anybody getting this?”


Karl Stefanovic has been temporarily paralysed by the interview.stefanivic

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