Shocked U.S. Officials: “we thought Russian Jets were made of LEGO”

WASHINGTON  –  Russia’s sudden decision to take an active role in the continued existence of certain “key elements” of the Syrian populous and infrastructure, has shocked U.S. officials, as it turns out they thought the Russian Air Force was “entirely made of LEGO”.

A representative from Washington said, “This dramatically changes the Syrian situation for us. The fact that Russian jets are not made from plastic construction toys, comes as a massive shock to the U.S. government. Moving forward, we would like to take this opportunity to recommend that Russia exchange its filthy Russian jets, for ones that are a little bit more “made of LEGO”. Real jets are extremely dangerous. Especially when conducting military action on sovereign, foreign soil, like these Russian ones have been doing. These (Russian) military actions constitute a further escalation of the violence in Syria and we predict they will only fuel more extremism and radicalisation.” The representative was then hastily ushered from the room, as it appeared he was having trouble keeping a straight face.

“Actually” said one U.S. official “until just the other day, I thought the entire European continent was made of LEGO”. When asked to point to Europe on a map, the official slipped and accidentally poked himself in the eye.

Incidentally  –  the Australian government has announced they will be unveiling next week a brilliant idea they just had, for a new line of submarines.


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