Research shows that half of all the world’s trees are still around despite Australia.

Humanity’s effect on the Earth isn’t as bad as everyone thought.

An international team of scientists have discovered just how little an impact humans are having on the environment.

A study, published in Nature yesterday has found that half of the world’s forests and trees are still standing despite Captain Cook’s discovery and subsequent development of the nation of Australia.

The team, with members from all around the world, also discovered that around 15 billion trees are logged every year. It was not confirmed whether this is offset by the amount of money raised by bake sales and employees turning off their monitors.

Using a new mapping technique they measured over 400,000 areas of tree density estimates from every continent (except Antarctica) to produce the most comprehensive global map of forest tree density to date.

Until now, policy-makers and scientists have relied on satellite images or general gut feelings to make environmental policy and produce estimates of global forest area. But those techniques have been unable to address tree numbers, densities or timber stocks.

Australia’s Federal Government previously announced plans to cut emissions by 26 to 28% by 2030.  Now that more accurate figures have been made available, the Australian Government have announced that they will probably lower Australia’s emission reduction targets to 10 to 15% by 2030, despite the Climate Change Authority’s warning that Australia’s targets are substantially weaker and its policies far behind all other countries, developed or otherwise.

Most of the Liberal Party incumbent including Foreign Minister Julie Bishop have claimed that the Climate Change Authorities’ figures are incorrect, saying “We’re not indifferent. We just know better.”

The statement said that the Australian Government’s position was that it won’t be a tall poppy and unnecessarily promote renewables, as this could hurt all brown energy miners and damage relationships with the largest emitter in the world.  In fact, Parliament was quite happy with the amount of gas being emitted.

Meanwhile, Tony Abbott has informed media that he is reconsidering whether or not he believes in climate change.

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