Dockers on Precipice of Joining Ranks of Those That Never Were

A dominant two and half quarters by a generally insipid Melbourne wasn’t enough to overcome a fast starting Fremantle side who are now moving into September like reformed clergy into a primary school – all the trappings of superiority, rife with internal uncertainty and yearning.

The win sealed top spot for the Dockers and in doing so clinched the McClelland Trophy. For those diehard football fans who don’t know what the McClelland Trophy is, you are forgiven. The Big Mc is the sort of trophy that diehard football fans, or those who support any team who has been in the AFL more than 5 years, other than the Dockers, have never heard of and couldn’t care less about.

Awarded for an “accomplishment” that is about as unaustralian as non-white immigration in the early 1900’s, or today, the McDaddy is awarded to the team that wins the most regular season games in a given AFL season. Winning the most games in the regular season is not a bad thing, it’s just never been a thing. Until now.

Whether it is a sudden rise in the actual prestige of the McSometingarather, or the fact that the Dockers are still holding onto chook raffle tickets from the Mann administration is unclear. But the consequences are obvious. The social media buzz, the fact that the Dockers are looking to rest half the squad as they recover from drinking straight from the McCup, all point to one thing the Mc is big news.

Now the Dockers must try to avoid ending up like the McClelland winners of 2012, 2014 and every other year when they fell short of winning a trophy that people actually care about.

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