A public inquiry will “name and shame” multinational content downloaders who are avoiding Australian illegal downloading fees by shifting their downloads to offshore proxies.

The inquiry has interviewed a number of the world’s largest and most prolific content enablers in the movies, music and adult content categories, including Torrentz, Maxspeed and YIFY to consider the proxy structuring they are recommending to their consumers: illegal pirates who Treasurer Joe Hockey has dubbed “Poor People“.

Following a successful Supreme Court court case by Dallas Buyers Club rightsholders, Justice Perram decided that Poor People could now illegally download their content in Australia for the price of buying the DVD legally, plus a nominal fee for the inconvenience of copyright holders having to litigate to acquire details of the Poor People from their internet service providers, and hire lawyers to send angry letters to the Poor People’s homes.

The Australian Tax Office commented that hundreds of dollars of potential taxation income was not being captured into the Australian economy due to Poor People’s offshore activities.

The inquiry’s report will name and shame 3 million Poor People in Australia who are evading tax by downloading through Cayman Island proxies, in the hope that the public exposure and pressure brought upon these people will produce a positive policy outcome.

Senator Dastyari who was chairing the public inquiry said that these measures were necessary.

“These downloaders care about their reputations and they care about their Reddit karma.”

The inquiry report will also name and shame content enablers like YIFY in the hope that Poor People will stop consuming their state-of-the-art, high quality, user friendly and prolificly marketed products.

Joe Hockey has advised Poor People, in particular the first time downloaders, to instead get a good job that pays good money so that they can watch movies at the movies.

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